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Most people who write these blogs are professional writers or fully funded travel researchers. I am not.  Actually, there is nothing really noteworthy about me, with the exception that I love to travel.

My name is Kate McInerny. I am 30 something years old. I am from Australia and I picked up the travel bug when I was 14 years old.  I love to travel, because it reminds me of how diverse the world is. I love having the opportunity to immerse myself in cultures that are so different from my own.  Being able to witness how 'normal' is so different depending on geography.

When i am not travelling the globe I lead a fairly standard life. I have an really satisfying office job, a creative side business as a photographer and a bunch of quirky and ridiculous friends and family.  I am most thankful for the health and love that I have in my life.

Feel free to follow my journey as I travel the globe.

   WHO AM I   

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