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When in Rome

So we finally make it to Rome. In order to get here we had to make a midnight dash through Cairo to the Airport. Sit for three hours and catch a "i can't believe this plane flys" flight via Athens. Then after avoiding being ripped off all throughout Egypt, the first taxi driver in Rome leaves us on the opposite side of town. No sleep for almost 35 hours, hungry, sore and wanting to hurt that bloody taxi driver. Welcome to Rome! No really, since then it has improved dramatically. We spent the first day catching up on sleep and then did a night stroll through the city to see the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. But really the highlight, of this trip, was the late night gelati. After being deprived of food for just over two weeks we were salivating over the idea of foodm but gelati.....another galaxy. Since then Sal and I have visited the Coloseum and various other monuments throughout town. We went on an adventure to Pompeii today. Pobably would have enjoyed it slightly more if it wasn;t raining the whole time, but to be sitting in the centre of that city, surrounded by figures solidified by molten ash, was a really unsettling. Unfortunately I think that we will have to make a return trip to Italy to fully appreciate and see everything but as far as this trip goes, we just don't have the time. Tomorrow we are going tot he Vatican City and then catching an afternoon train to Florence. Looking forward to the City of Flowers.

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