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Zurich, the home of Lindt

We arrived in Zurich to be greeted by one of the biggest train stations I have seen in a long time. Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived so we had to delay our shopping excursion until a bit later. We made our way across Zurich by tram (made me feel at home!) and cable car and somehow managed to find the residence of our next family friends. Suzi and Freddy as if ready for us to arrive at that very momment were sitting on the balcony of their flat and looking down at the street below. After a feast at dinner and a short stint at watching Eurovision (by the way, who can believe that the band from whereever they were from won!HAHA) we crashed into bed. The next day, Suzi guided us around Zurich showing us all of the beautiful old churches and parks. It really is a gorgeous city. One half is called Old Zurich and has these brilliant, typically Swiss style houses with chocolate wooden finishes and great views overlooking the river - according to Suzi, this is where all the famous people from Switzland live. While the other half is similar to any other major city. We also managed to catch up with Eva-Maria`s sister Angela who took us out for Fondue and gave us Swiss Army Knives. I love this place! Well despite all of our efforts to plan our entire three month journey around visiting the Lindt Factory, we didn`t get to go! Disappointment, a little, but at least we have something better....Sylvana! We are off to see her tomorrow!

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