Little Town of Möhlin

Möhlin is so sweet. It is such a nice change from the cities that we have been travelling in. Möhlin is where Sylvana lives and is near Basel on the northern coast of Switzerland. This is in the German speaking area, so Sally and I an now desperately trying to learn German. Not a hope! We love it here though. When we arrived, Sylvana and one of her oldest friends, Frank (who drove all the way from Bern to meet us) picked us up from the Bus stop. We had a feast of a dinner and told stories until the early hours of the morning. Frank has just spent the past year and a half living in Greece and before that he travelled through Spain and before that somewhere else, and before that Italy and so on. He was just full of some of the most amazing stories, we could have listened for hours. Catching up with Sylvana was great too. She filled us in on everything that had happened in her life since we saw her last in Australia. Möhlin is fantastic and we are doing a hike tomorrow up in the hills.

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