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We make it to Luxor

Well after resting on the Felucca for the past three nights and letting the wind take us down the Nile toward Luxor we have finally arrived today. The trip was a memorable one with the combination of Nubian Cooking, Bombfires and late night singing of every National Anathem that we know I am now ready to say goodbye to my sea legs and hello to Luxor. Today we went to visit the Karnak Temple, an impressive temple that has survived multiple earthquakes and yet still maintains some of the Ancient Egyptian charm that we idolise. We all braved the rising temperature, today would have been almost 36 degrees, in order to ride the horse and cart to the Temple. Fun experience that everyone should try at least once. Tomorrow we have another early wake up call for the trip to the Vallye of the Kings and Queens. At the same time we do a donkey trek.....yes you heard me right! Can you imagine me, 6'1" sitting on the back of a donkey. An hilarious sight! Tomorrow night Sally and I leave this delightful city to catch a 9 hour overnight train back to Cairo to continue to the Airport for our flight to Italy. So when next you hear me I will be writing from Rome. Hope you are all well and I promise that photos are not far away!!

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