Willy Wonka Eat Your Heart Out

Another early rise this morning. A very sad day as we had to say aureviore (I think that is how its spelt) to Noemie and her family. We had a sort of goodbye dinner last night in Bienne and got home late so we were still packing our bags up until we were walking out the door. Hope I did leave anything behind. Where is that passport? Just kidding. We did the very romantic wave from the train window but despite being very sad about missing Noemie Sally and I couldn`t hold back our excitment. Today was the day that we meet up with the Chocolate Train in Montreux (that is east of Geneva). The train thankfully is not made of chocolate but does transport us all across the western counties of Switzerland. First off I will tell you about this beautiful train. It one of the old style trains, made obviously for tourists but charming in its own way. It is made so that you have a 360 degree view of the surroundings. Very much appreciated. Not just that but the interior of the train is ornate, something you would see in the making of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lots of red lush fabric and polished wooden doors wiht a gold trim. Something out of your childhood dreams. Well anyway it was this train that was transporting us to our first destination of Gruyéres. Yes, like the cheese because that is where we were going. To the cheese making factory. We did this fantastic audio tour through the factory watching the cheese master blend the milk to create the base of the cheese that we all know and love. Then at the end of it we got a sample. Cheese doesn`t taste as good as it does at the Gruyéres Cheese Factory (La Maison Du Gruyéres). From there we caught a bus to the Village of Gruyéres which was really sweet. This village was nestled away in the hills. It was like walking back in time. The buildings, the people and the food were all traditional Swiss. Right at the top of this quaint little village was a Castle. This was one of the highlights. THe detail in the decor was amazing. man, I am saying that word a lot. But it was. There was a large French influence, and we all know that the French are only famous for fine wine, fine pastries and find decor. This castle was no exception. While walking around this castle though there was a major change in the weather and it started raining sleet. The first day of summer in Switzerland and what do they give us, snow!! Yes it snowed, just not where I was, we got slush. So Sally and I stowed away to the Chalet de Gruyéres where we indulged in some delicious Swiss `warming` food. Once returned to the train we set off again this time to the town of Broc. Nothing that exciting about this town, oh, except that it is the home of the Nestle factory and museum. You know it once you step off the train and smell the smooth scent of the cocoa bean being roasted. The scent engulfs the town and tantilises you tastebuds. When we entered the factory we were all so eager to get to the part where we eat the chocolate that noone noticed the space cadet uniform that the guide was wearing. some kinda silver foil number - bit strange, not really sure what the purpose was. Anyway we guided our way through the maze of chocolate education. Many pictures of melting chocolate, shiny foil wrappers and various almond delights sent Sally and I almost into a chocolate frenzy. Then the moment came. Free samples!!! Oh, they were worth the wait. I took photos! After that we settled into a short fillm about the topic of the moment and then ventured out into the shop where we could purchase cheap chocolate. Given that we had just gorged half the factory`s sample supply and the fact that we were heading off to Morocco tonight we didn`t feel it was worth the money. I cant believe I just said that. Chocolate is always worth it! So now I am sitting in a literally empty airport in Geneva waiting for our flight which leaves at 6AM. Yay EasyJet!

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