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Tarifa - One port from Morocco

After a very long and strange night in the Airport at Geneva we made it to Tarifa. It was weird, yes most airports close during the night, you expect all the shops to shut shop and there to be just one vendor that decides to stay open for the late night travellers but in Geneva this is not the case. All the shops close, all the cafes close their doors and everyone disappears. I felt like I was trespassing on the airport. It was emmpty. They even turned out the lights. It was just Sally and I and an old guy who slept on a seat in the corner. For nine hours, if they didnt have free internet I think we would have died. Then at about 3AM, one of the shops decided to turn on there lights and start baking. So we had this sweet aroma fill the airport. Sally and I spent the next few hours trying to convince him to open early so we could buy something before we got on our flight. He would....damn baker. So we left Geneva on route to Malaga in Spain. When we arrived it was great. The ice that had built up in our system from Switzerland melted away in the gorgeous 30 degree weather. Once we made our was to the bus statioon we headed to Tarifa. Sophie you were right. Tarifa is so stunning. It is this small surfing based port town on the southern coast of Spain near Cadiz. We based ourselves here because our wise friend Sophie said that it was much prettier than then main port town. We had a bit of a look around and ate dinner (stuffed that up, ended up ordering a tuna salad). Tarifa is an interesting combiniation of surf lifestyle and all that you love about Spain. The constant strong winds have put Tarifa on the map as the destination for Kite surfing and Wind surfing. Next time I'm here I will give it a go. The typical beachside town differs from Australia by the buildings alone. The white washed townhouses with iron balconies and blue shutters depict a image I thought you would see in Greece. We are here for two days and then we catch the fast ferry across to Tanger and then on to the 'romantic' hollywood movie town of Casablanca where we start our tour. I like it here in Tarifa but I cant wait to start the tour in Morocco. Many adventures await us over the other side.

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