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Seville - a great come back

After the long and tedious journey that we had to take to get here, Sevilla definately made it worth the time. The place we booked over the internet about two weeks ago, Triana Backpackers, ended up being a great place to stay. The people were great and the place - now I´m not sure if this is just that I have been in Morocco for the past two weeks and so my standards have dropped - but this place was so clean! The greatness of this place extends past the doors and onto the streets where the Spainish influence is in abundance. Tapas bar after tapas bar, the strong islamic mosaic tiles and the spidery web like streets, Sevilla has definately helped me get on my feet again after Morocco. It has taken Sally and I a couple of days to get into rhythm of the Spanish lifestyle. When you are on a holiday and you are only in a place for a short amount of time you want o see everything it has to offer and the idea of having a nanna nap in the afternoon seems like a waste of time but......when in rome. I´ve now decided that this is a great policy and that everyone should impliment it, particularly workplaces in Austrlaia, Johnnie Howard may find that productivity would increase and that there would be a happier and more content workforce, it might even entice the unemployed of Australia back into the workforce if they could still have there afternoon kip. Yesterday, after our extra long sleep in, Sally and I wandered around the streets in search of an attraction when we came across the Cathedral of Seville. Of course one doesn´t just stumble across something that big. Seville´s Cathedral is the larges cathedral in the world and although it started out as a Gothic church in design after it semi-collapsed in the 1500´s it was rebuilt in Renaissance style. This cathedral apart fro being overrun by tourists is also drenched in the decadent lifestyle of the catholic religion. Massive amounts of gold, red velvet and wooden scluptures make up the interior of this massive construction. At every turn there is another richly coloured stainglassed window to admire beautifully framed by the high beamed archways of the ceiling. A spectical of the cathedral, as in most, is the organ pipes, again laced with the decadence of gold and delicate wooden sculptings. In addition to the treasures held within the walls are the remain of Christopher Columbus. We were really impressed by the beauty of this cathedral and I strongly recomend that anyone who visits Sevilla should make time in their schedule to take a peak. After that display, Sally and I believed that there couldn´t be anything else that would impress us as much, but the Alcazar achieved this impossible task and dazzled us with its beautiful gardens and spanish art. Walking through the castle that seemed to continue forever we eventually made it to the entrance of the formal gardens. The many ornate fountains, filled with these huge fish, were defined by the immaculately trimmed hedges. The long walk through the garden provided a site of colour and variety, including even the gum tree. A little piece of Australia. It was a calming sensation that I felt with the warmth of the sun beaming down on me, the sound of the choir of birds high in the trees and the cool brush of water as the spriklers activated on top of us. haha. I´ve enjoyed my stay in Sevilla and now we move on. On the road again, Sally and I head North to Madrid for a few days to explore the giant that is the city of Madrid.

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