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Madrid - Tapas and Sangria

We arrievd in Madrid after a great train ride from Sevilla. We went on the fast train and while travelling there was a thunder storm chasing us. Off in the distance we could see all the electrical activity, what an amazing site. The bruised sky then suddenly a flash of light as the fork of lightening strikes the ground. Even stranger to be watching it from a distance.

When we arrived in Madrid we found the hostel straight away and then, in true Australian fashion, began to figure out where we were going to eat dinner that night. We had a wander around the street and found a small bar close by where we decided to celebrate our brilliance and the fact that we were in Spain by having a drink and realised very early on that whenever you order a drink they bring you a small plate of food. I love Spain. We were also entertained by the large number of locals that were crammed in the bar around the television all trying to get a look at the sporting stars of the World Cup. Sal and I were interrupted regularly by the 'ooooohs and aaaahs' as the crowd expressed there disappointment. After a bit of partying with our new friends in the hostel we called it a night with the intention of a big stroll around the city tomorrow.

The next day we made a v-line straight for the flee market which is the biggest market i have ever seen. I was in heaven. It was Sunday morning and at least half of the population lined the streets of Madrid in the hopes of selling you there merchandice. A few bargains were found and a bank balance was broken. From there we wandered the streets just soaking up the atmosphere that you wouldn't usually find on a sunday morning in Australia. No sign of a hungover teen, the streets were just filled with the aromas of Chocolate coevred Churos and coffee, the soudn of the toots of car horns and the warmth of the early morning sun. We weaved our way through the streets and found a park that kept us entertained. The other half of Spain had decided to venture into this park and it resembled something like an amusement park.

Tonight we went out for Chinese. The first chinese food we had in a long time which was great for me because although I have no idea how to order in Spanish, in Chinese I know exactly what I am doing.

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