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Valencia - Beachside Beauty

So we made it to Valencia and were relieved to find that it is a paradise of sun, parks and romantic medievil building. We spent the first of our days sleeping in and satisfying our desperate need for cereal and fruit (you always miss the little things), then we continued this trend wandering the Farmers Markets. This place only out does the Queen Victoria Market because it is in Spain. It is held in this giant, what looks like an abandoned train station with stained glass windows and grand wooden doors at the entrance. There is absolutely no order to this place either. From one shop to the next, you have a fish and seafood store next ot the lollie counter which is next to the bakery. It was really great walking through, smelling all the different aromas. Some good like the clash of the bread with the cheese counter, some not so great, like the fruit and seafood section. They had walls of ham and barrels of olives. A chefs paradise. What I also love about this place is the fact that you can wander down alley streets and come across some of the most brilliant graffic art I have seen. Detailed images all done in Spray Paint. Tomorrow Sally and I are going to catch the bus and check out the Beach, if we´re up to it we might even hop into the water....ooooooooh.

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