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Bilbao - home of THE museum

So after sitting on a train for almost 11 hours which I find hilarious given the distance from Barcelona to Bilbao, we finally arrived there at 11PM at night. No map, no Spanish and No clue as to how to get to our hostel. So we figured that this was one of those momments and jumped in a taxi and said ´take us here!´. Well worth the money. Sally and I were stuffed and we just crashed. It had looked pretty rainy the whole way on the train so when we woke to cloudy skies we wern´t too shocked. Actually it was a nice relief as we had been struggling with the two weeks of over 30 degree days. We caught up with Kristen, who has decided to tag along with us which is really great, and figured out how to get to the Museo Guggenheim and began the trek. Anyone who has ever travelled through Spain might appreciate that after you see your first six museums or Galleries they all start to merge into one. Well the Guggenheim does NOT fit into this category. The only reason we came here was for the Guggenheim and it was well worth the travel. There was a Russian Art Exhibit running and some of the art works were incredible. Private collections from important diplomates and pieces that depict famous momments in Russian History. It has totally inspired my travels through Russia in the coming months. Not just this but some of the modern and more permanent collections are totally different from the other galleries we have encountered. Walking through here took up most of the day but we saved a few hours of daylight to investigate the city streets. Bilbao itself is not the most attractive city but reminds me of a city trying to reinvent itself. They have built the Museo Guggenheim which itself looks like a space age building (refer to picture) and then they are the home of one of the most sophisticated metro train services available. When you walk through the tunnels you feel like you have been transported to a different galaxy and Dr. Spok is about to walk out and greet you. HAHA. On our last morning there we ventured up to the northern part of the city and took the cable car up the hill to get a better view. In true Kate´s Camera tradition, just as we got to the top of the hill my camera ran out of power and so those momments won´t be shared with anyone.

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