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San Sebastian

Well we arrived is San Sebastian so relieved to now finally be able to relax. Travelling is such hard work. San Sebastian is gorgeous. Set on the Northern Coast of Spain, near the French boarder, it sits behind numerous rolling green hills that act as the perfect backdrop to the very clear blue ocean. The beach was fantastic, although it is no comparison to the beaches of Australia, it still served its purpose well. We got up early and spent a good amount of the morning lounging on the sand in amongst what seemed like the professional sun bakers of San Sebastian. San Sebastian, when we finally pulled ourselves away from the beach, proved itself to be full of beauty. The tradition of long and mysterious Spanish streets continued, filled with little cafés and tapas bars. The cobble stone streets are cold at your feet while the sun is warm on your shoulders. Once you reach the boarder of the city, you find yourself exposed to the elements of the hot weather as there are few trees around. The glare of teh sun leaves you squinting even while wearing sunglasses. Then as a backdrop to the sounds of football commentary from the sports bars and the occasional busker trying to earn a cent, you hear the bold pounding of the waves as they crash into the rocky shore and the cry of a seagull in search of a small amount of food. Tonight being our last night in Spain we have organised a huge Tapas Tour (because here is the home of the best tapas in spain), and a bit of a club crawl. Might regret it at checkout tomorrow, sore legs and sore head is a price i am willing to pay to party in Spain. San Sebastian is a place I recommend to anyone wanting to travel here. Worth every penny!!!

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