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Limorge - Peggy and the sound of silence

So we caught the train from Bordeaux saying farewell to Kristen until we meet again in Nice. When we got on the train we thought all our christmas had come at once, the train was so comfortable. We slept a good deal of the way until they decided that there was something wrong with the train and booted us onto a cramped and very uncomfortable bus. Knew it was to good to be true. Eventually we arrived in Limoges and from there we caught the 'little blue train' as Peggy called it to her place in St. Sulpice. It is a tiny tiny town that might be missed with a blink. So gorgeous and peaceful though that we spent a good portion of our time there sleeping. Also, like all good Swiss folk, she would feed us til we couldn't move. Fortunately we couldn't get enough of the fresh vegetables she would serve up. So fresh in fact that minutes before they were planted in her garden. We stayed here for a few days and then we were off again.

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