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Nice really is nice!

So refreshed after our visit with Peggy we were ready to go when we arrived in Nice, 10 hours later!! No really, everybody had said how beautiful Nice was and said that we should try and fit it into our visit, thankyou. The weather was beautiful and the water was so blue and clear it was like an island in the Pacific. The French Riviera really did live up to its reputation. A five kilometre beach, of extremely uncomfortable stones which we could overlook because of the brilliant blur water that was coupled with an equally blue sky. The sun was blazing down on us and the thousand other people lounging under the blue and white umbrellas. We visited the waterfall which was located at the top of the Castle Hill. Why do we always do things like this on days that are extremely hot?? Anyway we managed to walk up the hundred or so steps to reach the waterfall which was like and oasis. Everytime the wind would blow you would feel a refreshing spray of water that would invigorate you to walk the next few steps. The next day, after we had done some laundry (you know these things don't do themselves as my mum would say), we waited for a cool change and then did the 10 km walk along the shore. There and back and all the way we could hear the crowds of French people gearing themselves up for the big game that is tonight. The walk was really great. You could see lots of families teaching there kids to swim in the shallows of the beach while in select areas there was a hive of activity. Paragliders, jet skis and canoes all in action with lots of over tanned and over buff guys. ha. Over the other side of the road were these casino size hotels complete with huge concrete statues reminding me of Las Vegas. Tonight will be a buzz as France takes on Italy. I'm going for France.

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