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I love Paris!

We arrived yesterday and had a really hard time trying to find the Hostel. We ended up walking around for about an hour and then giving up and catching a taxi. We caught a taxi for a whole kilometre. HA, turns out we were almost there. Don't you just hate that. The place we are staying in is really cool and is perched upon a staircase overlooking the paris skyline. It is a little north of Pairs in a place called Montmarte which is well known as a meeting point for famous artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Van Gogh and Juan Gris. You can immediately see why too. The rolling hills (which are likened to San Fransisco) are lined with big green lushious trees and every now and then you will find a small park fenced off from the world to create an escape for the houses surrounding it. At the top of the hill there is a hive of activity as the markets open up and the artists come out to play. Restraunts spill their seats out onto the street and the music comes alive as the buskers try to earn their keep. Sally and I walked this area in amazement, totally bedazzled by the beauty of the area. THen we saw the complete contrast as we made our way to the Red Light district which holds within the Moulin Rouge. The streets are flooded with pornographic desperation. The neon lights and fast food restraunts seem to compliment the numerous XXX clubs and sleezy 'museums'. Sally and I took the photos from out the front and then kicked on out of there. Today we spent the day in the sun. And Paris has a lot of it. We walked all over Paris from Notre Dame to the Louvre and the Upside Down Pyramid. From there we walked along the River crossing over the several bridges that decorate the river. Back and forth, from one monument to the next. We found the Petite Palaise and looked at the Fine Arts that it held within. There was this great painting that showed a man carrying Jesus on his back. It was so detailed that at first Sally and I thought it was a photo. We walked through Louis XIV collection of china, furniture and pocket watches. Slightly decedant. Something I could get used to! We continued our journey past the more and more buildings each with as much history as the last. Then we arrived at our target destination...Eiffel Tower! Sally was so excited and I have to admit that it was kind of infectious. We behaved like tourist, photo after photo in humiliating poses. Then we decided to make a return at a time when the line didn't continue to Australia. This was also about the same time we realised we were getting burnt. So here I am writing to you. Tonight we will return to that cute area to have dinner and then tomorrow is the Louvre in all its glory. I hope my feet can hold up!!

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