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Brussels - Home of the Brussel Sprout??

Sally and I pondered this question as we roamed the fantastic streets of Brussels. The sun blazing down on us, the sky a rich blue and not a cloud in the sky. We wondered the cobble stone paths past shop after shop of chocolate and beer. Really a specialty in these areas. We couldn't resist going into a Museum of Chocolate to make sure that we really understood what it was that we were tasting. You know you do a wine appreciation course, you should show the same respect to Chocolate. There was a shocolate master there that did a demonstration on the making of praline chocolates and Sally and I nearly died with the smell. The rich aroma of the melted 5 kg belgium chocolate blocks filled the room and we were 'forced' to stand in front of a big vatt of the stuff. Using some of the skills i gained from the wine tasting course I can say that the colour was light but rich showing a dark chocolate, the consistency with smooth and on first nose there was a rich aroma of cocoa while still maintaining a balance between the bitterness and the sweetness. That course can be applied to anything. At the end of the museum we used our navigating skills (followed the Japanese tourists) and found ourselves looking at the treasured icon that stands only 40cm high, Manneken Pis aka. the pissing boy. Now I'm not being rude but he is a bit small! The statue of course! Given that there is such big hype surrounding him I don't think he measures up. We also visited the Brewers Museum where we saw how they make the beer and then had a taste test at the end. Very cool. But one of the coolest places was the Atomium. This incredible structure that was built for the World Fair some years ago stands almost 120m tall and is very spaceage. You get to go on these escalators between all the differnet balls and in each ball is a different exhibition. These exhibitions were a bit lame but the building itself made up for that. We are then off to Amsterdam before heading over to London on the 19th. Love you all!

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