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God created the Earth, the Dutch created the Netherlands

This really is true! Amsterdam was great. We organised to sleep on a ship that had been converted into a Hostel. It was so mcuh fun. At night I would look out my port hole up to the stars in the sky and the waves would rock me to sleep. I felt so rested. I of course ruined this by walking great distances around Amsterdam trying to see every inch in the short time we were there. We walked everywhere, China town, the rich area, along the wharf and through the very famous red light district which turned out to be quite a disappointment. We made a special trip to the Van Gogh Museum and spent a large portion of the day being amazed by his life story. His goal in life was to create something that would have an impact on humanity, the man became an artist with no training, cut of his ear in a rage of passion and then died before he became successful. Such a sad existence. Our last day before we left we spent riding on a bike through the countryside surrounding Amsterdam. It was great, and long, 35km to be exact! But it was worth the pain. We got to see first hand the picture perfect villages that spot the landscape. We stopped to have pancakes along the way, which were the nicest pancakes I have ever had. Then continued the ride past the famous windmill called the Admiral - here we found out that during World War 2 the Dutch used the Windmills as a way of communicating the safe passage of Jewish people away from the Germans. Spy stories, legal pot, great desserts, man made countryside, is there anything this country can't do. After six and a half hours of riding under the blazing 35 degree heat we called it a day and crashed back at the hostel trying to recover before the day long travel to London. Hope it works!

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