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So i'm back on the road again

Thats right people...I have started travelling again. This time I am in Beijing having endured the horrible flight from London via Dubai all by myself. Its ok though, a quick taxi ride from the airport and I was laughing about it with Steve, Daniel and Nicola aka. Stevie, Fothers and Pickle. We went out for authentic chinese food and filled each other in on everything we have been doing for the past however many months. Then I crashed into bed! Today however, we organised their visas for Mongolia and went to the Forbidden City. Now I know that I have been to Beijing twice before and have been to the Forbidden city twice before but this time I was sad because just like Europe there was construction! I hate construction. It ruined the overall picture of the place. It wasn't the amazinf image that I remember from the previous trips. Anyway, I thought i would let you know that I ma on the road again and that there will be plenty more adventures being broardcast on this website as we travel through Mongolia, across Siberia and into Estonia!

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