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I am back in Ulaanbaator

i love Mongolia. Now I know i say that everywhere and I really do mean it but Mongolia is just a really cool place. so here is the brief on mongolian history because most people are unaware: the first records of the Mongols were through the chinese and so you can imagine how they were viewed. Then there was Chingis khaan more popularly known as Gangis khaan (Universal King, think he might be compensating for something!) He was the first "king" to unite the many feuding tribe of Mongolia and directed their hatred towards a common enemy, Russia and China! In fact the story goes that gangis was harrassing the chinese and was almost finished with them when he found out that mongol merchants were being killed elsewhere and so he turned hisa fury onto the modern day Kazakhstan. By fury, I mean he poured molten silver intol the eyes of the commander before continuing his war march. After 6 years of fighting his empire extended from beijing to the Caspian sea. it goes on and on.. So what has been happening with me. We arrived back tonight and I have to say, seven days without a shower and i have never been so thrilled to see running water! If you haven't heard then the update is that we have spent the past seven days touring around Mongolia. We went mainly into the gobi region..aka really big sand dunes, camel riding, sleeping in gers and offroad treking in a kombi. We had a ball and the photos show it. we went past ruins that used to be monestaries before those bloody russians destroyed them. Grrrrr! We saw all sortsof animals and tried all sorts of interesting foods. I know that this is a pretty weak entry but i will make up forit next time round. I promise!

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