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The Trans Siberian Adventure begins

Now I know we have been travelling for a while now but this part of the trip officially begins the Trans Siberian part. We left Ulaanbaatar in kind of a dash, and being the twat that I am I rolled my ankle in the process of running for the train. It swelled up to the size of a cricket ball and I spent the two days on the train with my foot in the air. I looked like a tool to the Russian Boarder Guards and I thought that they might not let me into the country. You know, being a hazard and all. So the trip was a long one but as soon as we crossed into russia we did the Vodka shot and toasted to our Russian Adventure. We are now in Irkutsk which although on a map it doesn't look that far from UB, it still managed to take us 30hours to get to. 10 of those hours spent at the boarder doing absolutely nothing. Even worse they locked the toilets so we were busting to go by the end of it. Irkustk is pretty cool. The Lonley Planet describes it as the 'Paris of Siberia' but quite frankly it looks just like any other Russian city. Tried out a few phrases in Russia. Yes I can now understand Russian. Even the Alphabet. Not just a pretty face! :) We are going to do a day trip to the Lake Baikal and maybe go Scuba Diving tomorrow, but as for right now....I am going to the kitchen to make myself a totally Glutten Free meal and gobble it all up. Missing everyone a lot and please keep in touch.

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