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From Russia With Love

Well today we had a really eventful day. We went to the Kremlin! Now the place doesn't look that big on the map but it seriously took all of the daylight that Moscow had to offer for us to get through it. There were 3 cathedral, but only 2 of them were open. Apparently it doesn't matter what season you travel in there is always construction going on! So we got to see the Archangel Cathedral which is dedicated to the angel Michael who is the protector of the Russian Princes, this is where they all are buried and the Assumption Cathedral which is where all the Princes of Russia are coronated (but obviously not anymore!). The Announciation Cathedral was under construction unfortunately. We also went into the Ivan the Great Bell tower complex which had a display of 4th Century BC jewlery from all over the world. Diamond encrusted swords, necklaces and earings and jewlery boxes...the works. It was really beautiful. There was also a display in teh Patriarch Palace of all the China and more practicle items. From there we went to see the Tsars Canon and Ball. This worlds biggest canon that is decorated with the image of Feodor Ioannovich. It is 5.4metres in length and weighs 40ton. There are four decorative canon balls as well. Obviously this canon is for show and has never been fired but it is really cool to see. Close by there was also the Tsars Bell. Again a giant decoration. It is a 202 Ton Iron Bell that during the making process came into contact with water and a 40 ton segment broke off. It is huge. The broken segment alone is as tall as I am!

Anyway from there we went to the Armoury which is a museum of royal relics through the ages. By the end of this I was over shiny things as you can imagine. The Russians love there gold and they make sure everythingis covered in it.

We made a quick dash home and got ready to head out again because we made the decision to go to the Ballet. Again, like the Opera, not something you do everyday. But when in Rome, or Moscow as the case may be! So we went to see the Pharohs Daughter which is a very light romeo and juliet style play with a happy ending. It unfortunately wasn't in the Bolshoi Theatre which would have been awsome because it was under construction. This is becoming a recurring theme in my travels. Anyway, the night was a big success and now I am exhausted so I am off to bed. Hope you are all well I will write again when I am in St Petersburg.

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