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Moscow - the mother of Russia

Well we arrived in Moscow to be greeted by our Moscow contact, who couldn't understand a word we were saying. He was like a big teddy bear. Really tall (and that is me saying that!), kinda dopey looking and with a really deep Russian voice. When we asked him a question he just looked at up and shrugged his shoulders and continued walking. So....WELCOME to Moscow! It was nowhere near as cold as Yekaterinburg, and in fact there was no snow! The Hotel we had already paid for was on the outskirts of Moscow but our contact who was waiting at the hotel gave us a good low down on the Moscow scene. We wasted no time in heading straight to the cream of Moscow, the Red Square. We bravced the Metro system and wandered the streets til we saw the familiar image of the Kremlin Walls. I got so excited and couldn't stop smiling. It was obvious that we weren't Russian! At the Gates there were a group of gypsies that had two hawks that you could pay to have placed on your shoulder and take photos. Quite frankly the idea of carnivorous poo down my back was enough for me to not do it. They also had these monkeys dressed in childrens clothes which was kinda distressing. So we past them and head with the crowds of people through the gates. The Natural History Museum to the right the GUM Centre to the left and over the other side of Red Square was the image we had been waiting to see. St. Basil's Cathedral! There was a half finished Christmas tree being constructed in the centre of the square ready for the celebrations of December. We did the very touristy thing and took photos, lots and lots of photos. ST. Basil's was quite interesting inside. I though that it would be a lot bigger than it was but it didn't let me down. We walked through the 7 chapels that are located inside and tried to guess which cone we were in. From there we went to the Natural History Museum. Quite frankly if anyone is coming to Russia, make sure that you go to the Museum of Natural History. It is the best that I have seen anywhere. We actually saw two human skeleton fossils. Kinda creepy. After that we went out for a few drinks to experience the Moscow nightlife and then crashed into bed. Ahhhhhh, sleepy time! Today we went for a walk around Moscow after we moved accomodation. We saw the Old KGB Headquaters, the Bolshoy Theatre and then went throught the Moscow Gallery of Modern Art. All round I am enjoying Moscow a lot.

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