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Tallinn - a city from a fairytale

Tallinn is officially a fairytale vity. So full of history and buildings that look like they came straight out of an Oscar Wilde story. The Old Town where I am staying is a magnificent blend of medieval streetscape and a fortress wall. Just around the corner is the Old Town Square which was the hub of activity in its time. A place where markets of fresh fruit and vegetables were sold, carnivals of theatrics wre played out, and where many heads were chopped off. Each cobble stoned corner resembled some influence of previous occupants. The Russians with the Alexander Nevsky Church which stands tall on the hill top, Beer Brewaries that brew the rich culture of Germany and then there is the musical language of the Finish which can be heard everywhere. Although the sky was not blue and the sun was not warm this has been an experience i will treasure. Walking through the Christmas Market past the aroma of the hot mulled wine and apple cider waft by. Also, unfortunately, the local delicacy of Blood Sausage! Each little wooden hut containing treasure made by little old women with lots of time on their hands. In the background you can hear the ringing of the Town Hall bell that stands high oevr the square. It rings out that it is 2pm and that the winter sun is about to set. Everyone retreats to the warmth of a cafe where waiting for us is an Estonian specialty, the hot chocolate. I had a wonderful time here and I hope that someday I will be able to return. Hope you are well and I will write to you when i return to London. See Ya

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