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Torc Waterfall is the talk of the town

Ok, so at the best of times I am not very fit so I hope you can all appreciate what we did today. Emily and I decided to walk from town to Torc Waterfall which as you should be able to see by the pictures an absolutely stunning view. To get there we had to walk out of town to the National Park entrance, then follow the path through the forest past several awe inspiring sites, then at the very end had to hike up a staircase made for a Hobbit until we finally came to the site we searched for...Torc Waterfall. Along the way we got to see a bit more of Killarney - mainly the millions of B & B's that line every street, and the river which was flowing so strong that I feel if it were running in Australia we would solve the water crisis. Just a piece of advice - the Irish are hopeless at directions, so much so that there signs to places face the completely wrong direction. Emily and I had picked up on this earlier but mistakenly followed the direction of the lady at the Hostel and found ourselves back at Ross Castle - 2km out of the way from where we were meant to be, so we had to back track to continue to Torc Waterfall...curse you Irish!

It started raining while we were walking but we persevered. Once we finally arrived at the entrance of the National Park it was like entering a different world. It was magical, like i was walking through a fairytale - i kept expecting a gnome to jump out or a fairy to fly into me. We followed the path and made our way towards Muckross House - a Manor that was once owned by the promenant business people of Guiness and quite frankly had a billion dollar veiw. It sat nestled in a valley of the National Park overlooking the Lakes of Lough Lorne. We continued our journey, every now and then juping out of the way of the Horse and Cart company that chose to take over the footpath. Finally we arrived at the base of the mountain which contained our destination. Legs burning and backs aching from our backpacks we began to climb the stairs. One by one I just kept on thinking that the view at the end would be worth it.....and it was! Torc Waterfall, with its almost deafening sound of water chrashing on rocks, was a brilliant sight that can not be captured by a photo. When you think that is it...then you turn around and have the panoramic view of the National Park and Killarney. Suddenly my legs didn't hurt so much and the prospect of walking the 5miles back home didn't bother me.

I was of course singing a different tune when I got home, 10 miles of walking mainly uphill had left me a bit crippled and so we spent the rest of the day lounging at the hostel. We are off to Tralee tomorrow, but I feel nothing can beat this place!

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