St Patricks Day with an authentic feel

Well there really is no other place on earth to celebrate St. Patricks Day than in Ireland itself. So excited to be in Tralee with Emily´s buddies we started the day with a quick walk out to the windmill which is about two Kilometres out of town. Then after realising that it was closed we did a brisk two Kilometre walk back into town. ;) We got back to our hostel only to find midway through having a shower that we were supposed to have checked out - the angry Polish woman glared at Emily as she was blowdrying her hair in the corridor (very classy Australians!). So we pack up our things and headed towards the Greyhound were we had the best Roast lunch ever (sorry Mum!) and that is where we stayed for the day. The place was packed with locals most of which got really depressed when Ireland lost the 6Nations Rugby and so continued the Irish tradition of medicinal Guinness. We had a ball and although there was no green beer or green face pain, the shamrock and Irish pride were definately in full force. We called it a night quite late.... or should i say quite early. Happy St. Patricks Day!

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