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Dingle adventures and tears for Tralee

We couldn´t stay so long in Tralee and not make an effort to go to the Dingle peninsula, which for the uninitiated in the most beautiful part of County Kerry, so i have been told. I say this because the weather got us, really bad. On the day we decided to go, the weather got really bad, it hailed on us twice before we even got to the bus that was taking us there. Kinda funny though, these two australian tourists walking through the streets of Tralee with our raincoats and umbrellas as the winds beat us about and the hail stones fall to our feet. There was even snow in the hills. We were determined to go though so we took the bus and marveled at the beautiful scenery that passed us by, rolling emerald green hills, castle ruins that are in peoples back yards and clouds that blanket the hills as though to keep them warm. Really an impressive sight and the locals just look at it and go.....meh, i guess its ok! About an hour later we arrived at Dingle which is a bit like Cobh really. A port town that houses mainly sailboats as opposed to the Titanic. The cobble stone streets are lined with pastel painted townhouses and dotted with Irish pubs like the Doyles, and the Harringtons. We just sort of wandered the streets and took it all in. We did come accross something slightly out of the ordinary. Now i know the Irish like to things slightly differently to everyone else, but instead of guard dogs we came across guard ducks! These great big ducks that would hiss at you if you came too close to the front gate and if that didn´t scare you off then they would charge, or should i say waddle their way to the gate as an intimidation tactic. Of course it didn´t really work as Emily and I were doubled over in tears of laughter instead of running for our lives but i definately thought it was worth a mention. The rest of Dingle was just as pretty and I would definately like to return to travel the length of the Peninsula - preferably when it isn´t hailing!

The next day was our last and so we thought we would spend it somewhere where ´everybody knows your name´, so we hung out at the pub and had our last supper. The afternoon turned into the evening and soon we were experiencing the nightlife of Tralee. It was sad saying goodbye to everyone but Emily and I know that we will be back again to visit.....sooner rather than later!

I just want to send a big thankyou to Wilder, Flash, Jason, Sarah and Aiden, but especially want to say thanks to Yvonne for making our stay the best so far!

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