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Nürnburg and little Jada!

Well, how lucky am I? I got to meet Jacintas little girl Jada Grace and she is only two weeks old. What a cute. We spent a good portion of our time catching up with Jacinta (Emily´s teammate from Australia, for the uninitiated!) and ooohing and aaahing at every move that Jada made. Apart from that we also managed to walk the circumference of the Nürnburg town wall which was really a spectacle. They have really incorporated the Fort wall into the community, utilising the area well by creating leisure areas such as basketball courts, running tracks, bowl greens and soccer grounds as well as park lands all within the narrow confines of the wall. Nürnburg is a pretty medieval town that is well renowned for its involvement in WWII. Hitler took a liking to this town and redeveloped it as the Party Rally headquarters. We visited the Documentation Centre, which contains an exhibition of the rise and fall of Hitler and his henchmen, which is held in the unfinished shell of Congress Hall. This exhibition, appropriately titled, ´Fascination and Terror´, covers all topics related to Nürnburg and even contains footage from the the Nürnburg trials, the front page of the Newspaper containing images of those responsible post execution. It is all very grim but incredible. If you ever come to Nürnburg then definitely make your way here! It wasn't all depressing, we also went into town and marveled again at the various churches monuments. This really is a pretty place to visit and with so much history around every corner it is hard not to be inspired with every turn.

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