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Würzburg is a fortified beauty

Arriving in Würzburg was an absolute pleasure. The sun was shining and the sky was a crystal blue. Our hostel was only a stones throw from the station and the cities sites. The streets were long and every corner contained another impressive building or marketplatz. On every street there was another magnificent cathedral that would go unnoticed by locals. This gem of a town has managed to stay under the radar of the tourist trade and so Emily and I felt like we had all these treasures to ourselves. As we were only staying for a short time we wanteed to pick the best of the best. Würzburg is the home of the Marienburg Fortress which sits high on the hill overlooking the town centre. To get there you have to cross the Saints Bridge which is a limestone bridge containing statues of various saints. Then you have to wind through the streets until you reach the first fort gate. It is a hike and a half but the finish product is worth the pain. The story behind this fort is that it originally was a church that underwent many transformation before being redeceloped in to the home of the Prince-Bishops. This continued to be the hoem for 5 more centuries. This is also the best place to get a view of the skyline of the city. I cant wait to show you. We then went to see the Residentz, which unfortunately we were unable to enter but were still dazzled by the exterior. This massive structure covered nearly the entire block. It is one of UNESCOs cultural treasures of the world and we had the previllage of seeing it up close. It is home of one the largest frescos in Europe and is just fantastic. We really had a great time here and I would love to come back again and again.

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