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The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Yes we made it to Salzburg and we were not here for two hours before we head off on the original Sound of Music tour. Emily and I were bopping along to the soundtrack as we visited all the sites from the movie. It was a bit of a laugh and a bit surreal standing on the steps of the Do, Ray, Me song and out the front of the Glass House where Leisle and Rolph do the 'I am sixteen going on seventeen' song. Apparently some stupid American thought she was Leisle jumping from seat to seat and fell of breaking a hip and so now we can't enter anymore. Grrrrr.... We also ate some Apple Strudel and had a good time.

This was not the only thing that we did, we spent the following day hiking up the hill to go and see the Festung Hohensalzburg which is the town fortress. You see Austria had separated itself from Bavaria and become an independent principality in the Holy Roman Empire but Salzburg arrived later and so was the only state to be ruled by a Price-Archbishop. These leaders lived the high life as the rich aristocracy in town and there residence was the location of the fortress. There were many changes of power and during this time the fortress continued to expand and become more impenetrable. The most recognisable change was during the 30 year war, when the Protestants were heading south, the Archbishop made major structural changes to the fortress and added the building of a wall around the entire city to "keep the protestants out!". To this day Festung Hohensalzburg has never been overthrown due to its engineering and location.

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