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Florence is just as great the second time

So after raving about Florence the last time I was here, I had to make sure that there was a return visit. Emily and I stayed in this great place - a camp site..... I know I know, your thinking how can that possibly be great but it was located at Piazella Michalangelo which is a lookout on the opposite side of the river overlooking Florence. We had the best seat in the house and weren't paying big bucks for it! Emily and I went through the Uffizi and I enjoyed it even more this time round because I got to regurgitate some of the information that I learnt the last time I was there...thanks Sal! We also went to meet the Man. He is a famous dude, goes by the name of David. He was huge, hard to believe that he was carved from a single piece of marble. The time here was great and definitely well spent. Florence really is a beautiful place.

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