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Cinque Terre and Pontremoli

Well we didn't really stay at the Cinque Terre - we crashed at Emily's buddy Belinda's place. We were welcomed back by her mum and cousin as well, like a big family affair. It waas really good though. We got to use the house llike a ho,e base and so I got to see some of the surrounding little towns. We went for dinner in this town called Lerici at this pizzeria that claims to be the home of the world champion pizza - '18th price in the Science and Culture Festival of 2007' - I suggested a shorter name for the pizza but they didn't budge. market outside the town hall. The castle was perched overlooking the town and felt like it should have a picture of Our next stop, the following day was Pontremoli - this quiet little town that had a population of about 1000 people and about as many churches, plus a castle. It was how you would imagine a small Italian town to look - cobble stone streets, narrow alleyways, steep hills and a sundayRupunzel in the window. We really enjoyed the afternoon there but had to get home because Emilly had to drive us to Parma......yes DRIVE! My sister was cruising the autostrada being overtaken by Porsche and Ferrari and Volvos! hehe. We were going to Parma to watch Belinda play against some other Australian buddies of Emily's. Unfortunately they lost but fun was still had by all. Now I bet you are thinking 'Did she do the Cinque Terre again?' and well the ansswer is yes. I stupidly convinced myself that the second time round would be easier. I was wrong. Emilly cruised through while I almost died with every step....but i can tell you one thing, those views haven't changed a bit. Still as spectacular as ever! Before we departed this beautiful area, Belinda insisted that we visit Portafino. As the name suggests this is a port town and damn pretty one at that. There is a fortress located right on the shore and heaps of boats docked in the harbour. The funniest thing that I saw in this place was a pesto vending machine.... just in case you need some pesto on the go! Our trip here was a big success :)

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