Ios - so perfect!

So after all the hard work of Turkey - lol - we made our way to Ios for Emily's birthday. YAY! Now I'm not a really superstitious person, but i do believe that if you talk about something bad it generally happens. I made the stupid mistake of talking about lost luggage while waiting for my bag at the airport - bad move! Yes some idiot Australian picked up my bag instead of his own damn one leaving me with no clothes and more importantly, no bathers, as i headed to Ios. Luckily, the bag was recovered and I received it via the ferry the following day. All is right with the universe again - and i have learnt my lesson the hard way. Ios was everything i wanted it to be. Beautiful beach, great hostel, good food and great night life. Days were spent lazing by the pool and walking along the coast checking out the picturesque town filled with lime washed houses and blue painted roof tops so typical of the Greek Isles. The weather came through for us too, sunshine up until we left. I love this place and will be sure to return - I shouldn't have said that out loud!

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