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Interlarken and the home above the clouds

So we arrived in Interlaken sooooo late at night after flying from Athen to Milan and training it straight away. We were tired and cold and what happens? We can't get into the hostel. It was almost comical. They had this highly technological key box that would dispense the keys when you enter you reservation number.....the problem was that they had given us the wrong number. So we almost spent our first night in Interlaken (not the warmest place on the planet) sleeping on the front steps of our hostel. WELCOME to Switzerland. :) Events transpired and we managed to get into the hostel about an hour later. All was right with the world again. Interlaken itself was amaying. The weather didn't hold out for us the whole time but we got in a good couple of day to begin with. For the uninitiated, Iterlaken in located in sort of central Switzerland. High in the mountains and very near Jungfrau which is home to the highest train station in europe. This place is every adventure dare devils paradise. Hanggliding, skydiving, paragliding and white water rafting just to name a few. There would be rock climbers that would beg to come and visit. All is all you can imagine the scenery. A long green, lushious valley surrounded by two 300m cliff faces. Ahead of you a picturesque snowcapped mountain and behind the sweet smells of swiss cuisine. This place is called home to a lucky few - farmers mainly whose cow you can hear wandering the fields, complete with swiss cow bell. When you look into the sky you can see the latest dare devil paragliding their way to the ground but first getting a good look at the number of waterfalls that are dropping from the top of the cliffs edge. The air was so clean that even butterflies were about and the water was so clean that it glowed. It felt like we were in heaven. When we woke the next morning the weather had turned cold and the clouds were rolling in. Now usually I would be disappointed by this but not here. Because of how high up we were the clouds were not high in the sky above us but level with us instead. It really was a beautiful sight. Just wish we could have had it without the accompanying rain! Next we are off to Geneva

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