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Oh Beautiful Florence

I can't explain to you how much I love Florence. It encompasses everything that I imagined about Italy. Cobble stone streets, piazzas with amazing churches and galleries, fantasitic food and an abundance of welcoming Italians. This is the place for me. The sun is shining and Sally and I are about one more gelati off breaking some kind of record. My mum always said that Florence was her favourite place in Italy and now I can see why. We have only been here for one day and most of that was spent looking through all the markets. The place that we are staying in is a little apartment (cost us a fortune) but it is located right behind the Ufizi Gallery. Kind of pays for itself. We are planning a big day tomorrow, full of excursions into as many of the churches and galleries as our legs can handle. Big congratulations go out to Ellen about her award. Lots of hugs and Kisses!! Definately well deserved.

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