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Innsbruck and the leap of faith

Now anyone who knows me well knows that I really don't know the first thing about skiing but I still felt that Emily and I should visit Innsbruck - home of the winter Olympics and the such. One thing we desperately wanted to do here.....and no it wasn't to go and see the Swarovski Crystal World Theme (yes there is one!)...but to go and stand at the top of the Bergisel Ski Jump. It stand on the site that there was a great battle in 1809 so we also got to find out a bit about Austrian Military history which was really good. But our main focus was this jump.

This jump in located at the top of the hill on the other side of town, so generally i would have taken the lazy route and caught the bus and then the cable car to the top. BUT, I was travelling with Emily - who made me walk the 3km to the base of the mountain and then climb the side of the mountain only to have to climb the 15 flights of stairs that take you to the base of the jump. Yes it is really high up and overlooks the town, so we had this kick arse view. We only realise that when you get to the top and look out over the city that some town planner has a sicksense of humour because they have placed a cemetary directly in line with the jump. Like the athelets don't have enough on their mind, like the fact that they are standing 47 metres off the ground with a quick drop ahead of them, without seeing the Grimm Reeper as well. :)

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