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Vienna - the musical city

So we arrived in Vienna and to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. This place is fantastic. We walked the city streets in the early hours of the morning and had the opportunity to visit all the churches and national landmarks before the tour groups arrived. It was like we had the city to ourselves. This really is a beautiful city though. All the buildings are like pieces of art and so it was no wonder that so many famous musicians have come from this city. We took advantage of this fact and went to watch the Vienna Symphony Orchestra play at the Palace. What a night? The performance was amazing - beautiful stage, 5 opera singers and an orchestra of characters (including a conductor with a sense of humour - which is a rare quality!). Emily had never been to see a performance like this so it was nice to share this experience with her. Not only did we have a fantastic time then, but the next morning we got to see the world famous Vienna Boys Choir - in their little sailor suits (so cute!), sing at the morning mass. That was an experience and a half. So although we were only in Vienna gfor a short time, I feel we made a real go of it. What a place!

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