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Cesky Krumlov

After a very long and interesting travelling experience we stepped back in time as we entered Cesky Krumlov. Emily had decided to travel here on the recommendation of about a thousand people who said 'you just have to go to Cesky Krumlov'. They never gave a reason why, but I can tell you that we are glad that we went anyway. The town is a heritage listed landmark and so you feel like you are walking through a theme park - but in a good way. It is still semi-undiscovered by tourists so there is no overcrowded places and definitely no tour groups following unopened umbrellas (oh, how i hate them!). It has been described as Prague about 15 years ago. But for me, the town is gorgeous and the price is right....what more can you ask for? The streets are cobble stoned and every building has some kind of fresco painting to distinguish its trade. There is a big river that runs along side the castle separating it from the rest of the towns people. This castle is huge and towers over the city. Apparently the second largest in Europe or something like that. It is stunning and made from rock. They even have a pit with real live bears just roaming around - bit like Bern Sal. Anyway, we spent our time here wandering the streets and visiting the torture museum - a slightly stomach churning experience - and feasting on the reasonably priced food, not really the backpackers life but i feel i deserve a break. Love it here and will definitely return!

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