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Prague - or Praha depending on where you come from.

So Emily and I made our way to the capital of Czech Republic and although we were sad to say farewell to Cesky Krumlov, I was glad to arrive in Prague. This place is huge and full of such an interesting history. We decided to go on this walking tour through the town and learn about the different towns within the city. I don't know if you know this but Prague is actually made up of 4 towns, the Old Town, the New Town, the Castle Town and the Little town. There is also a Jewish Quarter but that was considered to be part of the Old Town. Anyway we got told stories of how the 30 year war between the Protestants and the Catholics came about, and how this guy called Haas challenged the church and said that people shouldn't be providing money to the churches (bit of a Martin Luther of the 14th Century). This guy then got executed and this began the uprising against the church. 27 protestant protesters then were beheaded in the Old Town Square (crosses mark the spot where it happened) and the 30 Year War began. Our guide also explained how Joseph II, the son of Marie Therese of Vienna, got rid of the Jewish Branding in Prague and made schooling and education available. Then we went and saw the Charles bridge which was built by a whole lot of superstitious people. Zodiacs and charms cover every inch of this bridge and it is having an affect on the public as well. There is a statue that you are meant to rub and it will mean that you return to Prague within the year. I think it is a load of crap but what the hell it can't hurt, can it? Prague was great but today we are off to Dresden, more adventures await!

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