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Dresden - the concrete city

Well we arrived in Dresden after a really simple trip from Prague. It was great. Outside of the train station all the buildings are so new - very space age and it was so nice to see. Now I am willing to admit that European Historical buildings are really beautiful, but when you see so many of then, a bit of modern architecture is a relief. We visited all the major sites that Dresden has to offer, which is quite a few given that the place was bombed to smitherines during WWII. We started at the Zwinger Palace, which is a baroque palace with a formal courtyard and a big clock that puts on a performance every hour. Emily and I thought that it would be great to see so we sat in the hot courtyard for 15 minutes waiting for the hour and when the show happened it lasted 5 seconds. I am not kidding. The bells didnt even make 11 rings for the 11 hours. We thought it was hilarious. THese two stupid AUssies waiting around to see this performance happen - cameras ready, and that is what we are greeted with. After that we went and saw the Theatre platz which is home to the Sempreoper which is one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. Of course it doesnt compare with our Sydney Opera House! But it does have a fantastic history - Wagner and Straus had their first nights here. After this we visited the most popular of sites in Dresden - the Frauenkirche. This church is massive and has been totally rebuilt after the demolition during WWII. I say that this is the most popular because this place was filled to capacity by tourist. Very unpleasant, but you could see why everyone wanted to be there. The cathedral alter was the most ornate one I have seen.

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