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Amsterdam - where red lights don´t mean stop!!

Well we arrived to the stinking hot and overcrowded streets of Amsterdam to realise that our hostel - run by Christian Bible Group goers - was located IN the red light district. So funny, in fact, that we walked past the window shop fronts to get to our hostel and waved at Sparkles, Tinkabell and Trixy. So I say it again.......welcome to Amsterdam!!

We started off the trip, following our history lessons in Germany, visiting the Anne Frank House. Highly recommend it for those thinking of travelling here. The house is so well presented and informative. We even got to see the Oscar that was donated by Shelly Winter. Woo Hoo.

We did all the things that you should do in Amsterdam, hired bikes and visited the clog factory and Cheese farm - man that Cheese stinks, worse than Stilton - all I can say is stinky feet! We went and saw the place where Rembrant used to watch public executions and study the disembowelment after - Bloedstraat (because the heads used to roll down the street towards the canal). Actually thinking back on it, I really did learn a lot about the Dutch history. Hçw they were the world leaders in trade and how they were invaded and destroyed by the occupation of the French among others. How they showed forsight in their architecture and how the whole country sits like 10 metres below sea level.

Anyway there is about 8 people are waiting for the computer now so I will say farewell.

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