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Brugge - chocolate and waffles

Well we were so glad to escape the ultra religious hostelers of Amsterdam that arriving at Brugge was a blessing. On the way we made friends with a lady from Noosa who picked us as Aussies before we had even spoken.....might have been because we were carrying Anzac day bags, drinking a Fosters wearing Thongs (not the American variety!) and looking at the sign confused. Just kidding. Anyway, we made it to Brugge which was really lovely. A small medieval town that is similar to Brussels but just on a smaller scale. The two main squares contained beautifully designed buildings, one of which claims to house a vial of the coagulated blood of Jesus. We spent our time here just walking the length of the city, visiting the windmills that line the outskirts of the city and savouring the flavours of the chocolate from one of the million Chocolateries. mmmmmm.......Chocolate. I convinced Emily to take a day trip to Brussels and go on the Comic Walk around town. See the sights of Brussels and of course to try one of the world famous Waffles. Brought back some fun memories of the trip a year ago. We had a wonderful time and look forward to heading to Paris. 

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