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Paris - third time is the charm

So this is my third time in Paris and I finally made it to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, but instead of going up there the normal lift, Emily insisted that we climb the stairs.....yes....climb those bloody stairs. I have to admit, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, we made it to the second floor quite quickly and thankfully there was no access via stairs to the third floor otherwise we might have been at it all day. Despite being a little overcast the view was amazing but i don't think that I need to see the Eiffel tower for a 4th time. We did get to do something that was a bit different. We went for a day trip to Epernay (a place in the Champagne region, NOT the Kylie Minogue character off Kath and Kim) to see the Moet and Chandon Cellars. These cellars store over 90million bottles of the worlds greatest, over 27km of tunnels borrow underneath the city centre and have been there for over a hundred years. There actually stored the champagne in these tunnels not only to age but to hide them from the NAZI's in WWII. The French didn't want the stinky soldiers drinking their very best, a sort of French Resistance i guess you would say. Obviously we did more than this, saw all the major sights and marvelled at the brilliance and beauty of the city but the truth is that we were just so excited to be heading back to London.

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