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Fiji - the island oasis

It might have been a last minute trip decision...but I hit the jackpot.

Landing in Nadi I was apprehensive as to what I had signed up for. The airport welcome is not the picturesque tropical welcome that you have been lead to expect, however, a short trip to the coast and a hour long boat ride revealed the breathtaking oasis I have fallen head over heels for.  

Tucked away, like the island from Castaway, was a small island that would be my home for the next week. An island with a 15 km circumference. No mountains...just a mangrove, sandy beach, hammock and a cocktail bar with my name on it. This is my first attempt at a package tour and I have to admit, as far as coordinated travel goes..I'm in.

Who couldn't be happy in this place?! The sounds of waves washing up on the beach. The smell of the coconuts being cut down from the surrounding trees by my new Fijian friends. The warmth of the sun on my skin. It was peaceful. It made you feel at peace. 

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