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Travelling Thailand

What happens when you 'Yes Man' a group of friends from across the globe to a tropical paradise? Fun! That's what happens.

Thailand welcomed us with open arms. It serenaded us with it's crystal blue waters, affordable luxuries and hearty food fit for the King of Siam.

Starting our Thai-venture at the place where tribal drums marry with tropical cocktails made sense. We headed to Koh Samui for the much loved Half Moon Festival. The younger brother of the highly famous Full Moon Festival but equally entertaining. What a way to start the trip?! UV paint, pumping music, tropical shots set in a rainforest. Our adventure was at full throttle and was unlikely to slow in pace over the coming weeks. Well except for the few recovery days that followed that epic night of fun. The therapeutic properties of fresh tropical fruits, healing massages and the gentle hypnosis of the rocking hammock, we were rejuvenated and ready for the next instalment in record time.

On to Koh Tao, where our marine wonderland awaits. Scuba ready we commenced our way into the deep mystical waters below the costal beauty..and you know what is there..a spectacular rainbow of coral and marine wildlife including...Nemo! I found him.

Disney puns aside, my introductory experience of scuba diving has set a high standard.

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