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Travelling New York

Where do you go when work says you need to take some annual leave...New York baby! It was a last minute decision to book this in. The lady at the travel agency looked at me strangely when I said that I was leaving in a week and I needed a flight. She was even more shocked when she found one on sale. Boom...50% saving.

This is my first trip to the USA and although I am only visiting New York...scrap that...I'm visiting NEW YORK! Home of some of the most iconically American things, and I have tried them all. My hotel was a trip. The whole hotel was theatrically themed, and in the foyer was a grand piano that hummed tunes 24 / 7. On my first day, I went for a walk, turned the corner and found myself staring at the Empire State Building...I can't write this stuff. I headed straight for TIme Square. Every piece of popular culture has told me that this is where the action is. And there I met The Naked Cowboy complete in his uniform, singing terrible tunes - out of tune - but I guess that is part of the act. A quick walk through Central Park and I started having flashbacks to Home Alone 2, and couldn't help giggling. I made a B-line to the toy store from BIG and the famous piano. My day continued like this until I calmed down and regrouped. I had to remember that New York isn't just a movie. It is a city where real people live. So I spent the rest of my time just getting to know the city. Hearing its rhythm, its tempo. As day turned to night, the pace wained only slightly. You could be walking the streets at 2 am and there would still be men in suits coming / going from work. There would be a food stall operator enticing you with delicious foods. There would be CABs rushing to and fro, weaving down the street like some sort of choreographed dance. But for me, New York means music. That is the hum the I hear. If it isn't hearing a talented busker who is studying and the College of the Performing Arts, your friend headlining a show in a downtown club, or the awe inspiring spectacular of 'Wicked' on Broadway from the 5th row. This is New York to me.

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