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Striding the spiritual side of Bali

To be honest, i don’t really know what my expectations of Bali were when i decided to visit.  But i have found myself pleasantly surprised.  There is literally something for everyone..from your pretentious label wearer, to your beer guzzling country boy.  From you spiritually enlightened, to your intrepid traveller.  I naturally fit in to a couple of these categories, but i won’t tell you which ones…keep the mystery alive.

My friends and I chose to stay in Seminyak at B-Villa Seaside.  I am not one to plug a place but I feel that this place is definitely worthy.  Apart from providing the four of us with affordable luxury, they were very attentive and thoughtful with regards to some additional mobility requirements that we had requested for my friend.  It is rare to find a business that shows consideration ahead the dollar.  But then again, that became a common theme through my time in Bali.

This place is beautiful, with it’s lush green vegetation, historically significant cultural sites, romantic landscapes and beautiful waterways…yes….but this beauty does not compare to the people.  I talk a lot about how ‘normal varies geographically’ but when you look around Bali, it is the good nature of the Balinese people that is what is most profound.  And to them, treating people this way is ‘normal’.  I found this simultaneously refreshing and confronting.  I wish this same consideration for humanity was engrained in cultures everywhere, and was a globally accepted ‘normal’.

This might seem like odd advice from a blogger and photographer at heart, but if you come here…put the camera away for a while…stop looking for the next selfie and just take a moment to marvel at the spirit in the locals faces.  It is a picture you won’t ever forget!

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