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I landed in Dubrovnik and immediately got taken to a medieval world. I understand why they film Game of Thrones here. I love everything about it. The cobble stone laneways. The hideaway restaurants and bars. The sound of the ocean crashing at the fortress walls. The technicolor birds that are showcased in the main square. And the food....don't even get me started on the food. This glorious combination of cuisines with an Italian influence. Delicious coffee and desserts, full and hearty stews, and liquid gold beers to finish it off. This place is made for me. Although our time here is short, we have made the most of it. Spent some time aboard a yacht, sailing from island to island. Enjoying the sunshine on our skin, the sea breeze on my face. The peace and tranquility of a schedule free life. This is a place I am sure to return. And I recommend that everyone make it a next destination on their bucket list.

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