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Killarney - Ireland parks at their best!

Well after a good days rest in Cork we got on the next train to Killarney and in a blink of an eye we were there. What a beautiful place. I it is a little Irish town set aside a MASSIVE National Park and close to the RIng of Kerry, one of the most scenic routes of Ireland. Also home of the Puffins (which unfortunately have not returned from migrating south!). The town in is no bigger than Lorne but as far as character goes, it is flooded with it. You find yourself walking for miles and being destracted by some beautiful sites. After dumping our bags, it wasn't long before we had set off for the first attraction.....Ross Castle.

Built for the O'Donoghue Chieftans in the Early 15th Century, it sits close to the shore of one of the biggest lake districts in Ireland. A really beautiful site, with the backdrop of the mountains and the low lying blanket of clouds. We called it a day after that and returned home ready for the following days adventure.

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