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Remembering the ANZACs

We had a sleep out overnight. Interesting choice of words given that nobody slept. Just lots of things to watch and listen to, people to meet and anthems to learn the second verse.  Every hour there was a documentary shown on the big screen about the battles from every perspective and the army band would play some old timey music as well. It was quite warm for most of the night, until about 4am when we all got frostbite and those that thought it was smart not bringing a sleeping bag were regretting their decision! In total there were about 8000 people attending from all over the globe and flags were flying high everywhere. The dawn service came about quite quickly and was something I can't explain and do justice.  It was chilling knowing that the very place we were standing, so many people had died, so much blood had been shed unnecessarily. I was holding myself together pretty well until I heard the Last Post and then i got all emotional.  The Lone Pine service was incredible.  Hearing all the stories of soldiers and to see the sites of their graves. The youngest boy was only 14 and 9 months, can you believe that. I can tell you this, when i was that old i wasn't thinking of going off to war! The whole day was an experience I will never forget.

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