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Venice - be careful...she's sinking!

Although we weren't staying in Venice (thanks Penny!) we did spend most of our time wandering the pretty streets. Dodging tourist and tour groups aimlessly following an unopened umbrella (i hate them!). Even with all the people, this place is still amazing. We had no idea where we were going - no map - and so we just sort of explored the maze of streets, stopping and drooling over the stratefically placed crepe stores and bakeries whose sweet smelling scent wafts through the streets. We walked until we found water and then did a few turns here and there and voila.... San Marco Square! What an impressive site. It's like, where did this space come from? The building were incredible and there was music groups playing old school italian funk to the people who were willing to pay for overpriced food, buskers trying to score a penny from the lone american who strrayed from the flock and people sell bird seed by the dozen. Its a good thing too because there were pigeons everywhere! It was beautiful. I can see why you love it here MUM!

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